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What is mathematics? Some say the mathematics is what we do in class at school or maybe what mathematicians do but mathematics is much more than that!

A mathematician named Alan Bishop has said that mathematics is counting, measuring, and locating. When you design, explain or play with counting, measuring or locating, you are doing math. This is common to all cultures. If you think of mathematics in this way, you might begin to see it all around you. Be a mathematician and explore explaining!

Explaining lifts us up above the level of simply experiencing the space and things around us. Explaining focuses on the "Why" questions. Explaining is the activity of exposing the relationships between the things in our lives. Explaining is the activity of finding the patterns that connect things to each other. There is security in things that seem familiar or similar. While explaining, the nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs of languages, and sentences which link these, help use to classify things. Classification is universal. The classifications obtained are not universal though. Explaining is even more complex when we look at dynamic things. To explain dynamic phenomena, all cultures use storytelling. All cultures have some ultimate source or authority for validating explanations.

For your contest entry, here are some other explaining ideas that you might choose to explore:
  • Pattern
  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Change
  • Explanations using concrete materials
  • Similarity
  • Classifications (hierarchical taxonomy, pairing: 'sky and earth, sun and moon, etc., circularity etc.)
  • Storytelling
  • Authorities
  • Conventions
  • Generalizations (describe relationships)
  • Explanations using words (arguments, logical connections, proof)
  • Explanations using symbols (equations, formulae, algorithms, functions)
  • Explanations using pictures (diagrams, graphs, charts etc.)

Get creative!

Explore explaining and tell me about it through posters, presentations, videos, art projects, or anyway you can think of to “Show Me Your Math!.”


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Explaining | Samples | Other Resources