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What is mathematics? Some say the mathematics is what we do in class at school or maybe what mathematicians do but mathematics is much more than that!

A mathematician named Alan Bishop has said that mathematics is counting, measuring, and locating. When you design, explain or play with counting, measuring or locating, you are doing math. This is common to all cultures. If you think of mathematics in this way, you might begin to see it all around you. Be a mathematician and explore your location!

Locating is about exploring the space and things around you, making sense of it, and representing it, with maps, models, diagrams, drawings, words or in other ways. All cultures have ways of doing this but in different areas, different things are more important. Many geometry ideas have developed and continue to develop because of the cross-cultural universal activity of locating.

Locating develops spatial language, images, and coordinate systems. For your contest entry, here are some other locating ideas that you might choose to explore:
  • Knowledge of the landscape in relation to stories
  • Sun, the wind, and the stars in navigation
  • Position
  • Orientation
  • Development of coordinates - rectangular, polar, spherical
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Bearings
  • Angles
  • Lines
  • Networks
  • Journey
  • Change of position
  • Loci (circle, ellipse, polygon . . .)
  • Change of orientation
  • Rotation
  • Reflection

Get creative!

Explore locating and tell me about it through posters, presentations, videos, art projects, or anyway you can think of to “Show Me Your Math!.”


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Locating | Samples | Other Resources